Teams and Comparative Advantages

Jun 1st 2019

Years ago I was asked to manage an engineering team. I kept turning down the job as I told company owners that "You can find a good manager, easier than you can find a good engineer."  After they … read more

Organizations and Toddlers

Mar 11th 2019

Over time I have come to the conclusion that organizations mature at roughly the same rate as children.  For example a two year old organization will behave like a two year old child. & … read more

Makerbase MKS Servo42

Feb 5th 2019

As most of you are aware Makerbase knocked off the Smart Steppers and even used the firmware from the smart stepper project. Makerbase did not release the firmware many people have asked for … read more

The Cost of Firmware Updates

Jun 28th 2018

I often work on projects where the customer is in a hurry and foregoes the ability to do firmware updates in the field.  The feeling is that the engineering time and cost to do firmware updates a … read more

Static Code Analysis - PC-Lint

May 25th 2018

In order to improve my firmware I decided to start looking at static code analysis tools.  PC-Lint came recommended to me and so I thought I would give it try and share my results here. Firs … read more