Tera Term

May 20th 2018

For years I have used TeraTerm as my serial terminal window. Teraterm has some nice features:Automatic reconnect - when USB serial port is unplugged teraterm disconnects, when it is plugged back … read more

Marginal Analysis of Project Schedules

May 11th 2018

A friend of mine who also does contract engineering was mentioning that a customer of his was getting rid of their engineer. Of course, I mentioned that if they needed more help to let me know. He … read more

Arduino Delay function

May 10th 2018

So a while back I was debugging some code and found the processor stuck in a while loop.  I had a simple time out system in the code, like:to=1000; //wait up to 1 second while(!flag && t … read more

Atmel Register Synchronization bits

May 10th 2018

For some of the peripherals in the Atmel Cortex processors, like the SAMD21 and SAMD20 there are some configuration registers that require synchronization.  Specifically these peripherals can run … read more

How good is the firmware?

May 5th 2018

When organizations can not answer how good the firmware needs to be they will often ask how good is the firmware?  How many bugs are in the firmware?  What is the quality of the firmware?So … read more