Arduino Package Install

May 22nd 2017

If you want to use the Arduino IDE with the Nano Zero and other SAMD21 based processor modules from Misfit Tech, then follow these instructions….

Before we start I wanted to thank Adafruit and Lady Ada as much of our products are based on her work!

You need a version of the Arduino IDE that is 1.6.4 or greater, to be nice here is a download link

Arduino IDE

Once the IDE is installed and opened we next need to install the Misfit Tech package. To do this open the preferences page on the IDE by going to File->Preferences.

In the preferences you will need to add the following to the “Additional Boards Manager URLs:”

Once the package is installed run the “Boards Manager…” by going to Tools->Board->Board Manager

From the boards manager you will need to install the “Arduino SAMD M0 Boards”

Then you will also want to install the MisfitTech boards.

Note you should not need to reboot the Arduino IDE after installing but it is always safe to do so.

During the install of the MisfitTech boards it should also install the required USB to serial drivers for Windows.

To use the Nano Zero in the IDE go back to Tools->Board and select Nano Zero (Native USB Port) from the list.

Now you are all set to use the Nano Zero based board in the Arduino IDE.

Please note that to program the Nano Zero boards are in bootloader mode. To get the Nano Zeros booted into bootloader mode just double press (two quick presses) the reset button. When the Nano Zero is in bootloader mode the Red LED will blink.