The Cost of Firmware Updates

Jun 28th 2018

I often work on projects where the customer is in a hurry and foregoes the ability to do firmware updates in the field.  The feeling is that the engineering time and cost to do firmware updates a … read more

Static Code Analysis - PC-Lint

May 25th 2018

In order to improve my firmware I decided to start looking at static code analysis tools.  PC-Lint came recommended to me and so I thought I would give it try and share my results here. Firs … read more

Tera Term

May 20th 2018

For years I have used TeraTerm as my serial terminal window. Teraterm has some nice features:Automatic reconnect - when USB serial port is unplugged teraterm disconnects, when it is plugged back … read more

Marginal Analysis of Project Schedules

May 11th 2018

A friend of mine who also does contract engineering was mentioning that a customer of his was getting rid of their engineer. Of course, I mentioned that if they needed more help to let me know. He … read more

Arduino Delay function

May 10th 2018

So a while back I was debugging some code and found the processor stuck in a while loop.  I had a simple time out system in the code, like:to=1000; //wait up to 1 second while(!flag && t … read more