SAML21 Timer Counter Bugs

Jan 4th 2019

So by now if you are regular here you have realize that Microchip's datasheets are almost as good as having a 1000 monkeys typing on a type writer. That is they just create confusion and delay.  … read more

SAML21 Datasheet Errors

Jan 4th 2019

So I was doing some work with the SAML21 part and setting up the I2C in master mode.  Since I have done this on the SAMD20, SAMD51, and SAMD21 I figured it would be a trival task. However being b … read more

SAMD21 Pull Up Resistors

Jan 4th 2019

So if you are like me life has been great with the ARM Cortex parts.  Today the microprocessors are so awesome it is almost like heaven. For example no longer do you need add pull up resisto … read more

SAMD20 I2C Slave Bug

Jan 4th 2019

This bug may also be in the SAMD21 and SAML21 parts as the SERCOM peripheral is very similar between them. This problem appears when the SAMD20 was used an I2C slave on a noisy bus.. The pro … read more

The Cost of Firmware Updates

Jun 28th 2018

I often work on projects where the customer is in a hurry and foregoes the ability to do firmware updates in the field.  The feeling is that the engineering time and cost to do firmware updates a … read more