How good is the firmware?

May 5th 2018

When organizations can not answer how good the firmware needs to be they will often ask how good is the firmware?  How many bugs are in the firmware?  What is the quality of the firmware?So … read more

When is firmware good enough?

May 5th 2018

The question came up recently about when is firmware good enough to ship a product? This can be a difficult question but ultimately boils down to your product's tolerance for failures. For exampl … read more

Registers Bit Fields

May 1st 2018

So I was writing a interrupt driven UART driver and found that my receiver interrupts were being turned off.  Thanks to the wonderful GNU MCU Eclipse plugin, https://gnu-mcu-eclipse.github.i … read more

Time is hard, Part 2

Apr 30th 2018

As I had indicated I will continue with why time is hard.  In part 1 I discussed how a simple delay() function can be hard to implement.  Here I will discuss tracking time.This pro … read more

Time is hard

Apr 30th 2018

Dealing with time and timing on a microcontroller seems trivial from first glance but it is very hard. We will start with the delay() function in Arduino library for the Arudino Zero (SAMD21)void … read more