Time is hard

Apr 30th 2018

Dealing with time and timing on a microcontroller seems trivial from first glance but it is very hard. We will start with the delay() function in Arduino library for the Arudino Zero (SAMD21)void … read more

Memory Alignment

Apr 29th 2018

I was reviewing some code the other day which did the following://convert bytes to float uint8_t data[4]; float getFloat(uint8_t *ptrBytes) { uint8_t i; for (i=0; i<4; i++) { data[i … read more

I should write better code

Apr 29th 2018

I do contract work for various companies and people. I was recently involved with a project where I was asked to review some code. I found that the code had used malloc (regularly and often) but never … read more

Arduino Package Install

May 22nd 2017

If you want to use the Arduino IDE with the Nano Zero and other SAMD21 based processor modules from Misfit Tech, then follow these instructions….Before we start I wanted to thank Adafruit and Lady Ada … read more